Thursday, 5 November 2015

Random Encounter!

Having worked with pixel art for nearly two years and with a community of tabletop gamers watching and waiting for the next big thing to come from Joyride Games I decided it was time to finally release another project I had been working on on Kickstarter. You can view the campaign here!

We reached a mighty 87% of the funding goal within 30 days falling just over £1000 short of the goal. But, other things were happening in the background. IDW Games had contacted me asking for me to pitch the game to them as they were very excited about the project.

I have now signed a deal with IDW and am hugely happy to announce we will be working together to bring you Random Encounter!

"We've been monitoring this Kickstarter from day one (and hey, we even backed it!), Random Encounter is a game IDW fully believes in, and we're ready to work with Jamie to get this game to you as fast as possible!" - IDW Games

New York Sketchtrip

Having been working so hard on different projects, mainly in digital media, I decided a short break was in order. A solo trip to New York with no cameras and only a sketchbook as my main companion.

What evolved was a journal of sorts, all hand-drawn, which not only showed my vision of what was around me but really put across my feelings an thoughts at the time. It really is a fantastic read.

Below is a selection of images but you can download and view the full thing here:

Minecraft: Console Edition

Following hot on the heels of the completion of Jackpot! I began work with 4J Studios on the multi-award winning Minecraft: Console Edition. Below is a selection of images from different releases we had while I worked there for the previous 2 years. Each image I have included below is an image which I had set-up, taken and also contained an element which I had worked on - whether that be a texture for one of the mobs and/or some of the world building pictured in shot.

Jackpot! Final Product.

A few months after the artwork was all finalised we got all of the artwork shipped off to WinGo in China for print. Not too long afterwards, backers began to get their hands on the final print copies of the game. Now jackpot can be found throughout the UK on retail shelves!

Jackpot Final Artwork

It has been some time since I last posted. A whole bunch of things have happened since then!! I will try to post about them as cleanly as possible. The first thing up is the completion of Jackpot! Here is a selection of final images which were released to the public and backers leading up to release.

Friday, 25 January 2013



Jackpot! is the epic new zombie survival gameshow card game designed by Joyride Games for mature audiences. A slick combination of survival and inventory management gameplay with an exciting mix of continuously changing goals and a huge arsenal of weapons makes for fresh gameplay every time. These features alongside a deep fictional flavour, a tonne of tongue-in-cheek pop culture references and a sharp, colourful, art style combine to create a unique game experience for players to get their teeth into!
If you haven't checked out the kickstarter page yet then please do. We have the support of some amazing people such as youtube star GhostRobo!! There are exclusive rewards on the page which you won't get anywhere else! Your support can make this become a reality.